Investing in Funds for Beginners

February 3, 2019


Investing in funds for beginners - Here you go

The investment in funds is ideal for the long-term accumulation of assets. 

The investment in funds is ideal for the long-term accumulation of assets. 

Such and similar statements are heard again and again. And just as quickly you hear the answer: Too difficult. Too complicated. Too risky. Investing in funds may be difficult for the novice at first glance, but we show that this is a mistake. What options they have, we explain in our article Fund for beginners.

Particularly in recent years, the interest rate situation has established that it is better to take precautionary measures into one’s own hands. Virtually all surveys or studies on this topic come to this conclusion. In particular, products such as overnight money or time deposit accounts can be found in every investment advisor. Investment in funds is, according to the consensus opinion of all financial experts, one of the most important pension components. The FAZ considers funds attractive . Especially so-called actively managed funds where a fund manager actively manages the purchases and sales. Depending on the current market situation. The fact that you no longer get past funds, reports the mirror in a recent article . Especially interesting is the statement that bank advisers are reluctant to recommend funds. One more reason to deal with it yourself.

The only problem is that a large part of Germans with funds is still very difficult. For fear of incalculable risks and simply out of ignorance is resigned to the fact that it is currently not worthwhile to invest his money. The consequence is a creeping devaluation of one’s own money, which languishes wearily on a checking account or at least a daily allowance with low interest rates. Why we recommend the investment of funds, read our article on investment forms , in which we present the advantages and disadvantages. There you will also get an overview and learn valuable tips.


Investing in funds does not have to be difficult.

Investing in funds does not have to be difficult.

Many would like to invest their money, but can hardly cope with the numerous offers. Especially with regard to the chances of investing in funds, it is not very easy for many newcomers. According to expert opinions, there is a rather low general financial education in Germany as a whole. In schools, topics such as stocks, the stock exchange and retirement provision are not or hardly treated. Closing this knowledge gap is troublesome for many people. It is basically not that difficult. But if the big fund companies and banks throw in your advertising with technical terms only so around, it makes the entry into investing in funds for beginners not easier. Another big obstacle is the huge selection of thousands of offers.

Bank ABN Amro has been offering a good alternative recently with its brand “MoneYou”. Liesbeth Rigter, CEO of MoneYou, said: ” We believe it should make it much easier for investors to take advantage of the capital market’s return opportunities – with no effort and no technical jargon.” Of course we see that too . There are only 3 funds available for the MoneYou fund investment. The product is relatively easy to describe and is very user-friendly. This is how beginners get along well. More information is available directly on the websites of the MoneYou fund investment . There you will also find out more about the types of funds, fees and profiles in short and understandable words. Pay special attention to the costs.


Study: German households continue to be conservative

Study: German households continue to be conservative

A Bundesbank study on the finances of German households has recently reaffirmed that stock ownership and investment in funds are still not widespread. According to this, only 10% of German households hold shares. The investment behavior in our country is therefore still very conservative. Who puts his savings in overnight money, savings accounts or life insurance, gets only a very low interest rate, which is currently less than inflation. So the devaluation of the money. If you do nothing, you lose money. See this as an opportunity. Investing in funds is a comfortable way.

But other providers have attractive offers. If you are looking at asset accumulation and a proactive retirement plan, you can not stop investing in funds and comparing moneYou or similar offerings. This is the only way to achieve higher returns. In our investment tips article , we ‘ll show you how to get started. Take your chance and get started!

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