Casino Refuses To Pay Out Winner’s Winnings Due To Old Exclusion

Poker, Ace, Chips, Money, Game, ColorThe story unfolded at the Ameristar Casino in Iowa refusing to pay a player who had just won at one of the establishment’s slot machines. Tamara Sheffield did not expect her money not to flow to her due to a exclusion dating back several years.

Between luck and big disappointment

A client of the Ameristar casino in Iowa made a return on her bet by playing a slot machine available for pennies. Despite a fairly modest gain of $ 1,733, the gambling house decided not to pay the player. According to the site Wowt, the interested party managed to make a winning spin of $ 1,733. As usual, the slot machine automatically went into pause mode while waiting for the intervention of a manager to validate the win. The staff therefore identifies the player in order to declare his winnings and pay taxes. Upon giving out her social security number, the casino discovered that Tamara has been blacklisted by being banned from the casino since 2002. And as a result, the establishment refused to hand over her winnings. But then, if the player was banned from the casino, why no action was taken when she regularly came to bet within the establishment? The main concerned had even obtained a loyalty card, enough to ask questions about the credibility of the casino. According to the client, this is the first time that she has won in 15 years of playing and in addition, a small sum compared to the amount of her bets in recent years.

Gamble, Gambling, Risk, Poker, CasinoUsually, a win over $ 1,200 requires the casino to check the player’s history. You should know that Tamara was excluded from the gambling house by bearing her maiden name. After getting married, she now bears the name Sheffield instead of Bean. The Ameristar was negligent in this case giving an opportunity for a banned customer to continue to bet her money. As a result, the casino will have to refund all of its deposits in the event of cancellation of a win or pay it. Unfortunately, the player will certainly not see the color of her money despite all the arguments put forward. Such a practice should attract the attention of the authorities and organizations for the protection of players.